Engineering cybersecurity for 35 years

Areas of Expertise

national security

 Mr. Saydjari has been envisioneering the future of critical national security systems for 35 years.  He initiated and led The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency's (DARPA) first major systems research program in creating the next generation concepts for cybersecurity.  He has been on the front lines of designing defenses of some of the most advanced and valued systems in the government.  His advice and expertise is sought by leadership in every major national security organization, including the National Security Council and Congress.


Mr. Saydjari has consulted to a variety of industry leaders in many critical sectors including banking, telecommunications, and electrical power.  He has also helped security vendors shape next generation products to be effective against a wide range of cyber attacks.



Space & Aeronautics

Mr. Saydjari has provided cybersecurity strategic guidance to organizations such as NASA and the Defense Department and aerospace and defense contractors that support.  This sector is unique in their need for highly dependable cybersecurity that is well-characterized, can function in real-time control systems, and can scale and adapt to missions.




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